Create Curved Walls

RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers can easily create beautiful curved walls and balconies in the RoomSketcher App.


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How to Create a Curved Wall

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, open Walls mode.
  2. Once you have drawn a floor plan, click the Select select.png button, and select the wall that you want to be curved.
  3. On the right, click Curved Wall or Hotkey C


  4. The wall is now curved. To adjust the curve:
    - Press and drag the wall, or
    - Use the + and - buttons, or
    - Type a number in the box on the right.


  5. Click Split Wall if you need to change the curve in more detail. The wall will split in two and you can change the curvature of the two walls independently.  

Tip: You can add doors or windows to a curved wall, just like you do for straight walls. Simply open Windows etc. mode. You can also add curved stairs along a curved wall.


How to Create a Curved Balcony

To create a balcony or loft, use the Divider Line button (in Walls mode) to draw the balcony, and then add railings.

  1. In Walls mode, click the Divider Line, and draw the outline of where the balcony will be.


  2. Click the Select select.png button, click the divider line and select Curved Divider or Hotkey C. The balcony now has a curve.
  3. Click the Railing button to select a railing for the balcony.


  4. Choose a railing, and click Apply.
    Tip: The railing segment will repeat itself around the curve. To achieve the smoothest curve, choose railings that are shorter in width rather than longer. You can see the effects of specific railings by placing them on the curved divider line and taking snapshots.
  5. Remember to add a railing to each side of the balcony (if it has sides) as well.


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