What Are Credits and How Do I Use Them?

RoomSketcher's Pro and Team subscriptions unlock a lot of great features. Both plans come with monthly Credits which are replenished on the 1st of every month.

Credits are used to create projects, generate floor plans, 3D Photos, 360 Views and share Live 3D or when you order floor plans

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Using Your Credits

Credits are used (deducted from the total in your account) when you create projects, and when you generate products such as 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos or 360 Views or when you order Floor Plans.

Example: When you start a new Draw It Yourself project, you’ll use 1 Credit. If you then generate a 3D Floor Plan for that project, you’ll use 1 more Credit*.  Here’s your total:


Example Credit Usage

Product  Cost (in Credits)
New project (includes 2D Floor Plan)  1
3D Floor Plan   1
Total Credits used for this Project:
 2 Credits  



Credits Usage by Feature

Here's a short overview of how many Credits the most used products cost. To see the complete list, please visit our Credit Price List.

Product Credits
Draw Yourself Project (1) 1
3D Floor Plan 1
3D Photo 1
RoomSketcher 360 View 5
Share Live 3D (annual license) 6
Order Floor Plans (2) 10
(1) 2D Floor Plans included
(2) Price per level for 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Monthly Top-Ups

Pro and Team subscriptions include a set of monthly Credits that you can use to purchase anything you want within the month. These Credits are replenished on the 1st of every month.

How many Credits do I get?

  • When you sign up for a recurring Pro subscription, you'll receive 5 Credits. These Credits are replenished on the 1st of every month. 
  • With a Team subscription, you'll receive 20 Credits per user on purchase. These Credits are replenished on the 1st of every month so that each user has 20 Credits again. 
    Note: Credits per user will be introduced in Q3 2024 – until then you do not pay per user. 


Lisa signs up for a Pro subscription on August 1st. She receives 5 Credits. During August, she generates three 3D Photos. One 3D Photo costs 1 Credit. At the end of the month she has 2 Credits left. On September 1st, her account is filled up with 3 Credits. 


Purchasing Additional Credits

If you need additional Credits, you can refill Credits at any time throughout your subscription period. Simply click on "Buy Credits" on your Account page and choose from five different Credit Refills packages. These refilled Credits remain on your account as long as you have an active subscription. 

To see the cost to refill Credits, go to Credit Price List.


What About Free and Premium Subscriptions?

Free subscribers do not have a RoomSketcher account with Credits, and generally do not have access to the above mentioned features.

Free subscribers can purchase 2D and 3D Floor Plans3D Photos as well as extra projects individually, by paying in-app.

It's also possible to upgrade an individual project to a Premium Project to get Live 3D2D Floor Plans and Replace Materials for one project for one year.

Read more about Premium Projects and how to get them here: What Is a Premium Project and How Do I Upgrade?


Please find a full overview of our Plans and Pricing on our website

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