Add Customers and Floor Plan Profiles to a RoomSketcher Account

RoomSketcher Team subscribers can add Customers and Floor Plan Profiles (such as colors, room names/sizes and more).

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Get a Team Subscription

First, make sure you have a Team subscription.

  • You can either directly buy Team from our pricing page.
  • If you have already a Pro subscription, we can upgrade it to Team for you. Please contact us and request that you want to be upgraded to Team.

Add a Customer to Your Account

  1. Go to and Sign In. Your RoomSketcher Web Account opens.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Account tab. 
  3. On the left, click Account Settings.
  4. On the right, click Edit Customers.


  5. The Customers tab appears. On the right-side, click New Customer.

  6. The New Customer page appears.

  7. In Customer Name, type a descriptive name for your customer.
  8. For Profile, click RoomSketcher Default. This will allow you to edit the profile if desired to choose consistent floor plan settings for this customer.
  9. For Premium Products, click the checkbox next to any products you will ALWAYS order for this customer. Often this is 2D Floor Plans and 3D Floor Plans.
    Tip: If you aren’t sure, click 2D Floor Plans and you can add other products later.
  10. Click OK.

Set up a Floor Plan Profile

If your customer has certain standards for the look of their floor plans, you can create a Floor Plan Profile for them. It may include:

  • Using brand colors when the floor plan is drawn.
  • Metric vs imperial measurements on room sizes.
  • Font sizes for room names.
  • Whether furniture should appear on floor plans.
  • And much more...

To Create a Floor Plan Profile

  1. Once you have added a customer, you will see them listed on the Customers page (if you are not already on the page from the above steps, click Account > Account Settings> Edit Customers):
  2. To the far right of the customer name, click the down arrow under Menu, and click Edit Profile.


  3. The Profile Setup tabs appear.
    For detailed information on the various settings on each tab, see:
  4. Important: when you are done on each tab, before you move to the next tab, click Apply.
  5. When your Floor Plan Profile is completely set up, click OK.

Set up a Letterhead

If you want to print standard items (such as a logo or disclaimer text) on the page along with the floor plan, set up Letterhead for the customer.

To add a Customer Logo to the Letterhead

  1. On the Customers page, click the customer name.

  2. The Customer Setup tabs appear:

  3. Click the Logos tab.
    Tip: If you need more detailed steps on adding a logo, see the Add Your Company Logo section of the article Customize Letterhead.

To set up Customer Letterhead

Next, define where the logo and any custom text will appear when you print floor plans.

  1. On the Customer Setup tabs, click the Letterhead tab.
  2. Click Create Letterhead. For detailed instructions on how to set up Letterhead, see: Customize Letterhead.

Assign Projects to Specific Customers

When you assign a project to a customer, it will use the customer’s Profile and Letterhead settings.

To Assign a New DIY Project to a Customer

  1. Click the Plus plus_new_project_app.jpg symbol to create a new project. 
  2. Choose Blank Project or Import a Sketch
  3. Choose the preferred Customer and confirm with OK. 


  4. Start Drawing. 


To Assign an Existing Project to a Customer

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, open your project that you want to assign to a customer profile. 
  2. Open the menu and click Properties under Project.


  3. Click Properties... The Edit Project Properties windows opens.
  4. Select your preferred Customer from the drop-down menu. 


  5. Click Save

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