Copy and Move Multiple Items at Once

Want to select multiple furniture items at once (for example, to copy or move them)? Here are the available multi-select options:

Use Furniture Groupings

The RoomSketcher furniture library includes the most requested groupings. You can select a grouped set and move or copy it all at once.

Find the sets using these search terms:

  • Dining table and chairs
    (various dining tables with chairs)
  • Patio table and chairs
    (various patio tables with chairs)
  • Vanity unit with mirror
    (various bathroom hand basins with built-in cupboards and mirrors)
  • Office desk and chair
    (various desks with laptops and chairs; some also include table lamps and/or coffee cups)
  • Shelf unit
    (various shelves with accessories) 
  • Place setting
    (various plates with utensils)
  • Books (sets of books)
  • Candle (sets of candles)
  • Chopping board (a knife block and cutting board)
  • Fruit (includes fruit in a bowl)
dining table and chairs.jpg

Insert Multiple Copies of an Item

If you want to insert a single item multiple times, you can activate the setting Multi Insert of Item. It is very useful if you place the same item of furniture several times. Once turned on, choose an item in the furniture library, and then click in your drawing pane where you want the item to appear. Click again to place another copy of the same item. Repeat as many times as you wish. 

To turn Multi Insert on

  1. Open the main menu mceclip2.png and under Tools, click Settings. The Tools & Preferences page opens. 
  2. Toggle Multi Insert of Item On

Currently, you can not multi-select individual items to create your own grouped sets.

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