Add Material to Your Ceiling

Painting your ceiling in another color can really make your interior design pop! It can be intimidating to make such a huge change without seeing how it might look before you do it, so we suggest you test it out with a RoomSketcher project first. 

  1. In Walls or Material mode, click in the center of the room where you want to add materials. The Zone Properties will show up on the right hand side. 
  2. Click Ceiling Material to get a list of all the available materials for your ceilings.
  3. Scroll through the list to find inspiration, or use the Search box to search for a specific color or material type (for example, Brick, Tile, Paint, and more).
  4. Click to select one and then click Apply.

    Roomsketcher App - Ceiling Materials.jpg
  5. To see your results, double-click the camera to Take a Snapshot or view your design with Live 3D

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