Overview – Customize Your 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers can create beautiful custom 3D Floor Plans, speed up work and keep the floor plans consistent. This overview article highlights the options available to you.


Show (or Hide) Room Names, Furniture and More

3D with or without furniture.jpg


Choose what is printed on the floor plan. Do you want to show all the furniture you've placed on the design, or not? Do you want room names to appear? See all the possibilities here:

Choose What is Shown on Your 3D Floor Plans


Create Colorful Floor Plans 

3D floor plan with color.jpg


Use color to make your floor plans stand out. Set a color for text, entrance arrow or the top of the walls. Check it out here: 

Color Options for Your 3D Floor Plans


Change the Height of the Walls

wall cut height.jpg


Do you want to show the full height of the walls, or show them a little bit lower? Learn here how to do it: 

Change the Height of the Walls


Show Your Floor Plans from Different Camera Positions



You can choose how the camera captures the 3D Floor Plan, for example from above or from the side. Learn here how to set camera pitch, position and field of view: 

Camera Options for Your 3D Floor Plans


Go Corporate with Logos and Disclaimers 

branded 3d floor plan.jpg


Add your logo, custom text, or a disclaimer that displays each time you generate a floor plan. To learn more, check out:

Brand Your Floor Plans




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