Scale the Walls of a Project

In the RoomSketcher App, you can scale the walls of a floor plan. This feature is useful if you have drawn a floor plan with walls at a certain length, but you realize you want to increase or decrease the size of all the walls proportionally. 

To scale the walls of a project

  1. Open the RoomSketcher App and draw a project.
  2. Click the yellow Menu button, and then under Level, click Scale.


  3. The Scale Walls page appears. Use the + and - buttons, or type the percentage you want to scale the walls of the floor plan. For example, to increase the size, you could type 110. Or, to decrease the size, you could type 80.

  4. Click Apply. The walls automatically scale.

This feature is designed to scale walls only. Windows, doors, and furniture will remain the same size.


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