Add a Text Label

Use a Text Label to insert custom text, notes, symbols or numbers on your designs and floor plans.  Note: To add text directly on an item of furniture (for example, to label a Washer/Dryer), see Add Labels on Furniture.

To add a Text Label

  1. Open a project in the RoomSketcher App.
  2. Open Windows etc. mode (click the red Mode button and then click Windows etc.).
  3. Click the Symbols, Text & Lines category and find the Abc (Text) label.

  4. Click or tap to select the text label and click to place it on your floor plan. Drag it into place.
  5. With the text label selected, its Properties appear on the right.

  6. In the Label field, type your desired text for the label. Click the floor plan to update the text.
  7. If you want to change other properties, click the text label to select it again. For example, you can:
    • In Font Size, type a size.
    • Clear or check Render in 2D (to see the text on 2D Floor Plans) or Render in 3D (to see the text on 3D Floor Plans).
    When you have finished, click the floor plan to update the size or other properties.
  8. You can preview the floor plans, to see the text labels. See Preview a Floor Plan.
  9. When you are ready, Generate and Print 2D and 3D Floor Plans.

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