How to Update the RoomSketcher App (Computer or Tablet)

We recommend you update your app when there is a new release. A new release may contain new features, improvements, and important bug fixes. Keep your app up-to-date for optimal performance and to get access to the latest features.


App Updates

When a new version is available, you will get notified when launching the app. Just click Update App Now!  


Furniture Updates

When the Material and Furniture Library gets updated with new products, you will be informed with a similar pop-up. Just click Start Download Now!, and re-start your App to get access to all new items.


Important: After the download is complete, you need to close the App and open it again. 


  • You can also download the latest app version directly from our website (the Download App button is located on the very top of the page).
  • Or go to Account in the main menu of the app and click Tools & Preferences. If an update is available, you will see it there. 

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Please note that this pop up-notification was introduced with App version 6.00. Should you have an older version (you find the version information under About in the main menu), please update your app to the latest version with the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. On the very top of the page, click on the Download App button. 
  3. The RoomSketcher Setup file will download. 
  4. Double click on the file and follow the instructions.  
  5. When the update is complete, open the app.



Do I need to uninstall the version I have?

No, it is not necessary to uninstall your current version. Simply follow the steps above.

How do I know what the new update is about?

You can find information about updates and releases on our channels:

Will I lose my projects?

No. Your RoomSketcher projects are stored in the cloud and sync across devices. You can access and work on your projects in either the app on your computer or tablet.

How do I update the app on my Mac?

You can follow the same steps as above.
If you are unsure how to install an app on your Mac, follow these steps: How to Download and Install RoomSketcher on Mac.


I'm using a tablet. How do I update the app?

When you click Update App Now!, you get directed to Google Play or App Store. From there, update your app as usual.

What is the RoomSketcher App?

The RoomSketcher App is a great tool to create floor plans and home designs. The app is available to download and install on your Mac or Windows computer as well as on your iOS or Android tablet. Read more about the app and its great features here

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