Add Bay Windows

Bay windows extend out from a wall, increasing the natural light flowing into a room, making it appear larger, and improving views.

Follow along to learn some simple tips and tricks to add bay windows to your RoomSketcher projects. 


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Draw the Wall Structure

Helper Walls

The easiest way to create a bay window is to use two “helper” walls. Helper walls are ones you add while creating the bay window, then later remove.

To add a helper wall

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, click the red Mode button and open Walls mode.
  2. Click or tap Draw Interior Walls  to select it, then click to start the helper wall, drag, and click again at the location where you want to end the wall. To end the wall, press ESC on your keyboard or click the Select tool.

Wall Sizing Tips:

  • The length of each helper wall is the distance that your bay window extends out from the wall. In our example, it is .7 meters

  • The distance between the two helper walls is the length of the middle section of your bay window. In our example, it is 2 meters.
  • If you aren’t able to size the helper wall exactly while you draw it, you can either:
    - Draw it close in size, then zoom in to the floor plan (use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or click Menu > Zoom Controller) and adjust the size.
    - Click the Select tool and then click the end of the wall so that 4 gray arrows appear. You can then type the wall length on the right.

Diagonal Walls

Once you’ve added the two helper walls, it’s easy to add the diagonal walls on each side. This is easiest to do if you have zoomed way in. Be sure to use the same angle for each of the side walls. In our example, the angle is 45 degrees.

Once you’ve added the two diagonal side walls, add the center wall of your bay window.

Remove Helper Walls

Click the Select tool and click a helper wall to select it, then press the DEL key on your keyboard or click Trash in the top toolbar.


Add Windows

Once you have the wall structure of the bay window in place, switch to Windows etc. mode, and open the Windows category to add windows.

Tip: Once you have added a window, simply select it and its Properties appear on the right. You can adjust the width, height and more.

In no time, you’ll have a beautiful bay window in your design.


Examples from the Floor Plan Gallery

Check out some floor plans with bay windows from our Floor Plan Gallery. You can open all projects in the RoomSketcher App, save a copy and make your own edits.

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