Display Room Names in Different Locations for 2D and 3D Floor Plans

You may want to display the same room name in a different location on a 3D Floor Plan versus a 2D Floor Plan. In the example below, the room name “Balcony” is in a good location for our 2D Floor Plan but is too close to the kitchen wall for the 3D Floor Plan.


"Balcony" room name in a good location for 2D Floor Plan 

"Balcony" room name in a poor location for 3D Floor Plan

One option to solve this is to place the room name in a different location for the 3D Floor Plan. This article shows you how.


Before You Start

You should have already added room names to your design. If you need detailed steps on how to do this, see Add and Move Room Names.


Place the Room Name for Your 3D Floor Plan

  1. Open Walls mode (click the red Mode button and click Walls).
  2. Click and drag the room name to a better location for 3D (typically away from walls that are directly below the room name).
  3. Click Menu, then Preview 3D Floor Plan.


  4. The Preview appears and you can check that you like the new location.

    Preview 3D Floor Plan Room Name Location.jpg
    Tip: If room names do not appear on the Preview, ensure that your profile is set to Render Zone Names. On the web, open your RoomSketcher account and navigate to:  Account > More> Account Settings >Advanced Profile Settings > 3D Floor Plans tab. If you need more detailed instructions on how to do this, see 2D Floor Plans - Customize Your Floor Plans or 3D Floor Plans - Customize your Floor Plans.
  5. Close the Preview window.
  6. If needed, adjust the location of the name, and preview it again.
  7. When you have found the best location, click the Select tool and select the zone/room that contains the name. Its properties appear on the right.
  8. Click Advanced Properties and then Lock 3D Name.

Place the Room Name for Your 2D Floor Plan

  1. Move the room name to the optimal location for the 2D Floor Plan.
  2. Click Menu > Preview 2D Floor Plan to check the location.

  3. Close the Preview.

Now the room name will appear in different locations on your 2D and 3D Floor Plans when you generate them.

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