Add an Entrance Arrow / Block Arrow

You can add an arrow to a floor plan to highlight the entrance of a property. 


To add an entrance arrow / block arrow

  1. Open Windows etc. mode (click the red Mode button and click Windows etc).
  2. Open the Symbols, Text, and Lines category.
  3. Click the Block Arrow to select it and click to place it onto your floor plan.

  4. To move it, use the curved blue arrow to rotate it, and press and drag it into place.
    Note: The block arrow has a standard size which can't be changed. 
  5. To choose which floor plans it appears on, on the right, in Properties, choose whether to Render in 2D and/or Render in 3D.

To set the color of the Block arrow - Pro Subscriptions

Pro and Team subscribers can change the color for many items on their 2D Floor Plans, including the Block Arrow. See here how to do it: 2D Floor Plans - Choose Colors for Your Floor Plans

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