Add a Wheelchair Ramp

RoomSketcher Pro and Team users can find a wheelchair ramp in their furniture library. The below steps explain how to add a wheelchair ramp to your design. 

wheelchair ramp.jpg


To add a wheelchair ramp

  1. The first step is to set floor heights. The indoor and outdoor spaces need to be at different heights so that a ramp is useful.
    • A quick tip is that it is often easier to edit the floor height of the outdoor space to a negative height (- 178 mm), rather than change the indoor space’s floor height to a positive number. This is because there are usually more items in the indoor space that might need to be placed at a specific height and 0 is an easy number to work with.
    • To edit the Floor Height, open Walls mode, and then click on the area whose height you want to adjust (it will turn blue). In our example below, we clicked the Outdoor Space, then Advanced Properties.
    • Edit the Floor Height here: 

  2. Now open Furniture mode and search for ramp.

  3. Drag the ramp onto the floor plan and into position, using the curved blue arrow to rotate it if needed.
  4. The ramp height needs to match the difference in height between the indoor space and the outdoor space (this would be the same as the Floor Height in this case). Type the number in the Height field on the right.

    wheelchair ramp height.jpg

    You can also change the other dimensions of the ramp, for example, its Width or Length.
  5. Take a quick snapshot to view your ramp in 3D and then make any additional changes.


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