Can’t Access Some Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances?

Are you designing a kitchen, but not seeing some of the kitchen cabinets or appliances? Here are our top tips.

How Do I Get the New Kitchen Items?

All new kitchen cabinets and appliance styles are added to the latest version of the RoomSketcher App. Make sure you’ve updated your App to the newest version. 

Want tips on how to update your App? See How to Update the RoomSketcher App (Computer or Tablet).

I Don't See All the Cabinet Styles

RoomSketcher’s kitchen cabinet styles include flat-front, shaker, and glass cabinets with and without muntins. RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can access all cabinet styles. RoomSketcher VIP and Free subscribers can access flat-front styles.

Additionally, RoomSketcher VIP and Pro subscribers can Replace Materials on individual kitchen cabinets and appliances. RoomSketcher Free subscribers can not Replace Materials (unless you have upgraded an individual project to a Premium Project).

Don’t have a VIP or Pro subscription? No problem! Just sign in to your existing RoomSketcher account and click Upgrade (next to your subscription details), or buy directly from our pricing page.

I Can See the New Kitchen Items in a New Project, but they Don’t Appear in My Old Project

If new kitchen items have been introduced after you created a project, they won’t be available to that project. Only newly created projects in the latest version of the app will get the new items in that version. 

My Kitchen Items are White

When you have ordered a floor plan from our Floor Plan Services and you want to edit your order in the RoomSketcher App, make sure you have the latest version of the App. If you are working in an old version, your kitchen will look like this:  


Simply Update your RoomSketcher App and your kitchen will be displayed as usual. 

Other Tips

  • When you copy a project that doesn’t have the new items, the copied project won’t have access to the new items. You must start a new project.
  • A project can’t have both new and old library items; it’s either new or old.

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