Create Floor Plans with Matterport Spaces

A Matterport Space is a 3D virtual tour created using a Matterport camera. You can walk through a property, and your tour will show the existing apartment or house with all its real features, such as the walls, flooring, wall color, furniture, etc. 

In this article, learn how to create a Floor Plan with the RoomSketcher App from your Matterport Space.

This article covers how to:


Prepare Your Matterport Blueprint

As your blueprint, you can use the image from your Matterport Space, along with a few measurements to show the scale.  These are the steps:

First, get the measurements 

  1. Open the link for the Matterport Space. 
  2. Open Explore 3D Space mode by clicking anywhere in the photographed area, or by clicking on the man icon mceclip0.png in the bottom left corner.


  3. Angle the view to display the transition between the ceiling and the walls (see image below). This is the best place to measure distances, as there usually isn't any furniture in the way.


  4. Click on the measuring tape mceclip1.png in the bottom left corner.


  5. Two new options open:
    - a plus sign shows in the bottom middle 
    - a new menu opens in the top right corner


  6. In the top right menu, click the gear icon to view and edit the settings.
    Set Snapping and Continuous Lines to On. If needed, click the Units option you prefer.


    Note: To exit the Measuring mode, click the X.
  7. Click the + sign to get started. 


  8. Click the corners of the room and follow the walls and ceiling all the way around, using the magnifying glass that follows your mouse pointer to see the details. The snapping feature will assist you in finding the best spots to place your mark, and it will display your measurements on the go. Jot down 2-4 of the measurements.


    Note: You may see slightly different measurements for two matching walls if there are objects placed where you are measuring. In our example, the wall on the right is slightly shorter than the one on the left. This is because there is a curtain rod in the way.
  9. When you are done, click the green check mark.

Next, create your "Blueprint"

The next step is to screenshot the floor plan in the Matterport Space and add several measurements.

  1.  View your floor plan by clicking the floor plan icon mceclip0.png.
  2. Take a screenshot of the floor plan and add your reference measurements from step 8 above. You can use Paint or any image editing software of your choice.
    Note: With RoomSketcher, you only need one or two measurements to scale your floor plan, but for the best results, add a few more.


You now have a good "blueprint" to create a professional floor plan with RoomSketcher. 


Draw a RoomSketcher Floor Plan from a Matterport Blueprint

It’s easy to trace a blueprint in RoomSketcher. With the blueprint you created, you can now follow the steps from this article: Draw a Floor Plan from a Blueprint

Here are our top tips 

  • Everything you see on the blueprint is the interior part. Therefore, place the exterior walls outside of the rooms displayed on the Matterport Space.
  • You can tweak the length of the walls by following the steps explained here: Enter Exact Wall Lengths
  • It’s a good idea to keep the Matterport Space open while you are drawing from your blueprint. It helps you to see the styles and sizes of doors, windows, stairs, etc. You also see in which direction the doors open.  
    Here is how you Work With DoorsWork With Windows , and Add and Customize Stairs.
  • If you need the exact measurements of your doors and windows, follow step 8 from above - instead of measuring the walls, you measure your windows or doors. 

  • Look out of the windows! Sometimes the Matterport Space doesn't show the exterior of the house, but you can see a terrace or balcony through the windows. Very often, you can guess the sizes of the outdoor areas and add it to your floor plan. Here are two tutorials that help you to draw your outdoor area:
    - Draw a Balcony or Deck with Optional Railing
    Draw a Yard, Garden, or Outdoor Area

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