Download All Floor Plans of a Project with 1 Click

RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers can download all floor plans of a project with the click of a button. 

Here is how you do it, starting in the RoomSketcher App:

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, once you have generated your floor plans or received them from our Floor Plan Services, open the Menu (yellow button at the top left). 
  2. Click Download Floor Plans

    menu download all floor plans.jpg

    Tip: If you haven't generated your floor plans yet, follow these steps: Generate 2D and 3D Floor Plans 

  3. You get forwarded to the Download All Floor Plans page in your Web Account
  4. Your preferred file formats are already selected, you can also change them if wished. 


  5. Click Download Zip and all your floor plans are downloaded in a convenient zip file. 

The maximum number of levels that can be downloaded at once is 5.

More about Download Options

Did you know that you can pre-define the file formats of the Download All feature? Are you wondering what the difference between Letterhead and Web Image is? 

Read all about here: Download and Print Floor Plans from Web Account


Become a Pro

Don’t have a Pro subscription? No problem! Just sign in to your existing RoomSketcher account and click Buy (next to your subscription details), or buy directly from our pricing page.

Collaborate With Team

Do you want to collaborate with your colleagues on a project? Then Team is right for you and your company. You can buy Team directly from our pricing page or if you have already a Pro subscription, please contact us and we help you with the upgrade.


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