Settings That Speed Up Drawing

The RoomSketcher App can be configured to speed up placement of items, measurements and more. Our favorite tips include removing ads, insert multiple copies of an item and being able to add items quickly without the properties popping up. 

This article covers:


Tools & Preferences

You will find the settings that can speed up your drawing under Tools & Preferences. Here's how to get there: 

  1. Open the main menu mceclip2.png (top left corner).
  2. Choose Settings


    Top tip! You can also use the hotkey CTRL+T to open Settings.
  3. The Tools & Preferences page opens. 


Let's have a closer look at the different settings:


Remove Ads (Pro and Team)

As a Pro subscriber, you can hide the ads showing in the RoomSketcher App. Open Tools & Preferences, and turn off Show Ads. This will give you more space to search for items and to display item properties. 

With Ads                 Without Ads
mceclip0.png            mceclip1.png



Add Items Without Properties Opening (Pro and Team)

Adding a lot of furniture to your project? Then this setting is incredibly handy. Open Tools & Preferences and turn Show Item Properties on Click to off. This means you always see the furniture selection instead of the item properties. It makes it faster to select the next item since you won't need to repeatedly click the mceclip0.png symbol. To open Properties, just double click or tap the item. 

With Show Item Properties          Without Show Item Properties
mceclip6.png        mceclip8.png

Insert Multiple Copies of an Item (Pro and Team)

Very useful if you regularly place the same item of furniture in several places. Open Tools & Preferences and set Multi Insert of Item to on. Now you can click an item in the furniture library (on the right), and click in your drawing pane in each location that you want the item to appear. Click again to place another copy of this item. You see the little blue plus sign that indicates you will place a new copy of the item. To place a different item, either select one of the items you just placed in, or select a new piece of furniture from the furniture selection.

multiple insert.jpg



Live Update of Furniture Library

When you have turned this setting on, you will see a pop up when new materials and furniture are available. Simply click Start Download Now! to get access to all the new items.


Measurement Wizard Settings (Pro and Team)

Make sure to customize the Measurement Wizards so that your default measurements are always right. Choose if you want both meters and feet, or just one or the other. You can also customize your arrow lines and distances to walls.  Read more here: Measurement Wizard Settings.


Other Helpful Tips

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