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2D Floor Plans – With or Without Room Names and Measurements

Just a click in Advanced Profile Settings lets you show or hide room names or room sizes (available for Pro and Team). You can also customize text colors and other elements. Here are some examples for inspiration.

Example 1 – With Room Names and Sizes 


Example 2 – No Room Names or Sizes

This example is the same as the floor plan above, except we chose to hide the room names or sizes. 



  1. Follow the steps from example 1.
  2. Clear Show Zone Names and Show Zone Sizes.


  3. Be sure to click Apply before leaving this tab.
  4. In the RoomSketcher App, Preview your floor plan, and when it's ready, Generate it.



Example 3 – Room Names, Room Sizes, Colored Text and Measurements, Colored Kitchen Items, Furniture Labels

This example shows the Room Names, and the Room Sizes in square meters. We've added measurements with the Measurement Wizards, an entrance arrow, and a furniture label (to indicate the Washer/Dryer with a W/D).

6 - Colored Text - 2D Floor Plan.jpg

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