3D Floor Plans – Choose Color for Your Floor Plans

With RoomSketcher, you get your 3D Floor Plans exactly like you want. Choose colors for materials, such as wall paint and flooring, and furniture for furniture and appliances. Pro and Team subscribers can add color to the top of walls, arrows, as well as text. 

Color for Materials and Furniture

3D Floor Plans automatically include the materials that you chose in Materials Mode (such as paint, wallpaper, flooring) and the furniture colors that you chose in Furniture Mode (such as fabric, wood, cabinetry, appliance colors).


Material Mode

3d floor plan - color - furniture.jpg

Furniture Mode

Once your design is complete, you are ready to generate your high-quality 3D Floor Plan
Top tip: Preview your Floor Plan before you generate it. 

Color for Text, Arrows, Lines and Wall Top Color (Pro and Team)

RoomSketcher Pro subscribers have several other possibilities to change color on their 3D Floor Plans in their profile settings:

Text Color –  Choose the color for zone (room) names, zone sizes, text labels, and furniture labels. 

Block Arrow Fill ColorChoose the color that fills the block arrow (this is the arrow that is usually added to mark the entrance door). You find the block arrow under Symbols, Text & Lines in Windows etc. mode. It's a great item to visualize the entrance of the house or apartment. (Read more here: Add an Entrance Arrow / Block Arrow)

Arrow and Line Color – Choose the color that is used for Outside Measurements, Measurement Wizard lines, the outline of the Block Arrow and helpers such as measuring tape, lines and arrows. 

Wall ColorChoose the color for the top of your walls in your 3D Floor Plans.


To choose different colors for these options, go to the advanced profile settings for the 3D Floor Plan: 

  1. Open Advanced Profile Settings.
  2. A series of tabs appears. Click the 3D Floor Plan tab.


  3. Click the mceclip0.png pencil symbol to change the color. 

How to choose a color

You can add a HEX code for any custom color, or choose a predefined color from a drop-down-menu.




Here is an example where we changed color in the profile settings: The 3D Floor Plan has purple text for room names and furniture labels as well as a purple entrance arrow (block arrow). The wall top color is grey. 


My First Project - Level 1 - 3D Floor Plan - Purple.jpg

We used these settings:


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