2D Floor Plans – With Colored Furniture

When you generate a 2D Floor Plan for a project, Pro and Team subscribers can specify outline and fill colors for furniture on the 2D Floor Plan. Here are two examples:


Furniture fill color – blue – #A7B8E3
Wall color – dark gray – #5B5E63
Floor color – light blue – #F5F5FF



Furniture fill color – light gray – #E9E9ED
Kitchen fill color – blue – #A7B8E3
Wall color – dark grey – #5B5E63


  1. Draw up your floor plan in RoomSketcher including any furniture. 
  2. In your RoomSketcher Account on the web, open Account Profile Settings.
  3. Click the 2D Floor Plans tab.
  4. Under Show Furniture, make sure you have set the option for which furniture you want to show.


  5. Set the Furniture Fill Color and/or Furniture Outline Color. If you want kitchen items to have the same or a different color, you can set them under Kitchen Item Fill Color and Kitchen Item Outline Color. If you do not set a color for kitchen items, then they will be shown with white color.
    Select a color from the drop-down or enter a Hex code. To learn more about Hex color codes, see 2D Floor Plans – Choose Colors for Your Floor Plans
  6. Click Apply
  7. In the RoomSketcher App, click the yellow menu in the top left and click 2D Floor Plan
    Tip: You can Preview a Floor Plan prior to generating it. 


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