Live 3D – View it in Your Browser

The Live 3D feature that is embedded in the RoomSketcher app is a great help to visualize your ideas and speed up your design activities. When you move an item or change the material, you see it instantly. Learn all about it here: Live 3D - Overview

If you want to see Live 3D in a higher quality, but without the instant functionality, you can view Live 3D in your browser.

Here's how to get there - directly from the app:

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, click the yellow menu and under column Project, click Live 3D.
  2. On the right, clickView Live 3D in Browser.


View Live 3D in Browser is only available if you work on a Mac or Windows computer. 


Button not there?

If you don't see the button View Live 3D in Browser, you don't have the latest version of the RoomSketcher App. See here how to update the App.


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