Earn RoomSketcher Credits



Want more Credits? Now you can earn 10 Credits by helping us out. 

One task = 10 Credits

How it works

  1. Complete one or more of the following tasks and earn 10 Credits per task.
  2. Send a screenshot of your completed task(s) to Customer Service. Please let us know with which email address your RoomSketcher account is created.
  3. Our Customer Service Team will reply to you and the Credits will be visible on your RoomSketcher account within a couple of days.  


What's the start and end day of the "Earn Credits" offer?

Start date is November 10, 2022. End date is December 31, 2022. 

What is a Credit and what can I use it for?

You get a certain amount of Credits with every RoomSketcher subscription. The Credits can be used to create more projects, generate floor plans, 360 Views and 3D Photos. You can read more about Credits here

For how long are the earned Credits valid?

Credits are valid as long as you have a RoomSketcher subscription.

Can I do more than one task and earn more Credits?

Yes, you can complete as many of the tasks you'd like. 

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