360 View Is Not Loading for a Template Project

When you open a template as a Free user, you might observe that the 360 View is not loading. This is unfortunately an issue that can happen when you are signed in with a Free account. 

Please note:

  • This only happens when you are a Free user. VIP and Pro users can view 360 Views without any problems. 
  • Once you clicked on a 360 View and the project doesn't load, please close the app and start it again. You can continue working as usual. 



  • View the 360 View in the Project Presentation of the project.
    Here's how you get to the Project Presentation: 
    • Click the yellow menu and under Project, click Properties
    • On the right, click Share
    • Click the Copy button. 
    • Paste the URL in your browser. 

  • You can view all projects and their 360 Views directly on our website in the Floor Plan Gallery
    • See an example here.

  • Upgrade your account to VIP or Pro and create your own 360 View in the App. 

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