Create a 360 View

With a RoomSketcher 360 View, you can stand, and turn around inside your room designs! 

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About 360 Views

  • 360 Views are available for professional subscribers. 
  • The resolution is 2000 by 2000 pixels.
  • 360 Views are created using the RoomSketcher App on a Mac or Windows computer.
  • You can watch 360 Views in the RoomSketcher App or on most browsers and devices, including smartphones.

Create a Preview

First, create a 360 Preview and fine-tune it, then generate your premium 360 View, for beautiful quality complete with shadows, reflections, and a true feel for the space.

  1. Open the RoomSketcher App and create, or open your project.
  2. Set the location and properties of the camera (to customize the 360 View):
    • Location: Press & drag to place the camera in the center of the room, as the 360 View will rotate at the camera’s location.
    • Height. Select the camera and make adjustments to its Elevation on the right.


  3. Press 360 Preview  in the top toolbar. The 360 Preview appears.

    preview 360 view.jpg

  4. Click Play/Stop in the lower left to stop and start the Preview. You can also use the controls on the bottom of the preview page to:
    • Change the direction of the rotation.
    • Look up or down.
    • Zoom, and view it full screen.
  5. Click Save Preview to save it.

Generate a Premium 360 View

  1. Generate a Preview, as described above.
  2. Click Generate 360 View.

  3. Depending on the complexity of your project, the generation may take up to an hour.
    Tip: Periodically click the blue Click here to check order link at the top of the page. The generation takes place in the background so you can continue other work while it is created for you.

Open Your 360 Views and Previews

  1. Click Menu (yellow button in the top left) and then 360 Views.


  2. The 360 Views page opens and shows all of your saved previews and 360 Views.

Share 360 Views

It’s easy to share 360 Views with friends and clients. RoomSketcher 360 Views can be displayed in most browsers and on most devices – including smartphones.

  1. Open a 360 View as described above and click Share.

  2. The Share 360 Views page appears.

  3. Open the Link tab to copy a link -  for example, to paste it into an email.
    Open the Embed tab to copy the HTML to place the 360 View on your website.

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