Draw a Floor Plan from a Blueprint

Do you have an existing floor plan drawing such as a blueprint, image or sketch? If you have a RoomSketcher Pro or Team subscription, you can upload it to use as a template. Save time and create your 2D and 3D Floor Plans faster!

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Before You Start

Ensure that the blueprint or sketch is on your computer or tablet in PDF, JPG or PNG format. If the blueprint is on paper, scan it or take a photo of it.

If you're taking a photo of it, please make sure the paper lies on a flat surface and that you take the photo from straight above, to give yourself the best starting point. 


Upload a Blueprint, Image or Sketch

  1. Click the Plus plus_new_project_app.jpg icon in the top menu. 
  2. Choose Import a Sketch
  3. The Blueprint Upload page appears. Press Upload in the lower right.
  4. Select a PDF, JPG or PNG image on your device and then click Open.
    For PDF files, you might be asked to specify the page number.
  5. The blueprint appears in the Blueprint Properties area.

If you're using an iPad, please make sure that the RoomSketcher App has access to your Photos, or any other apps from where you want to upload a blueprint.


Scale, Rotate and Crop a Blueprint

The Blueprint Properties page has 3 tabs on the top right side: Rotate, Scale, and Crop.


Scale Tab

Use the Scale tab to scale a blueprint. You must scale a blueprint so that all measurements and furniture get sized correctly. To scale a blueprint, you indicate the length of one wall or item. The RoomSketcher App will scale the rest automatically.

To scale a blueprint:

  1. On the Scale tab, press the middle of the tape measure and drag it to an area with a known length.
  2. Press and drag the ends to size the tape measure to the item on the blueprint.
  3. Type the known length in the New Length field on the right.

    5 - Scale.jpg

  4. Press Apply. The blueprint is now scaled.
  5. Press Save. The Blueprint Properties page closes.
    Use the Rotate or Crop tab to finalize your blueprint.

Rotate tab

(Optional) Use the Rotate tab to straighten or rotate a blueprint.

To straighten a blueprint:

  1. On the Rotate tab, press and drag the center of the Rotation tool to move it. Place it so that one end (the + part) is on a wall.
  2. Now press and drag the blue arrows on the other end of the tool and stretch it so that it is parallel to the wall. Your blueprint automatically straightens.
  3. (Optional) Press Rotate 90 clockwise (on the right) to rotate a blueprint.

    4 - Rotated Blueprint.jpg

Crop Tab

(Optional) Use the Crop tab to remove any extra text or space around your blueprint.

To crop a blueprint:

  1. Press and drag the blue lines close to the edges of the floor plan.

  2. Press Save to close the Blueprint Properties page.

Draw Over a Blueprint

Once you close the Blueprint Properties page, you are ready to draw, using your blueprint as a tracing guide.

  1. Open Walls mode to draw all the walls, using the blueprint as a guide. Here are some tips:
    • Ignore Doors and Windows as you draw. You will add them in the next step.
    • Use + and - keys to make the wall thicker or thinner while drawing it. 
    • Use the arrow keys to move a wall while you are drawing it.
    • Press the B button or the B key on your keyboard, to see just the blueprint.
    • Press the F button or the F key on your keyboard, to see just the floor plan.
    • Or press the F+B button or the A key on your keyboard, to see All. 

  2. Next open Windows mode and use the blueprint as a guide for where to add windows, doors, and stairs.
  3. Next open Materials mode to add floor, ceiling and wall finishes.
  4. In Furniture mode, you can add appliances, fixtures, and furniture to complete the project.

Tip: Press app_menu.jpg Menu > Blueprint to toggle the blueprint ON or OFF as you draw or after you have re-opened your project.


Add a Blueprint on a New Level

To draw from a blueprint on an additional level, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new level (see more here: Work with Floors or Levels).
  2. Open the app_menu.jpg Menu, and click Blueprint
  3. Continue with step 3 from section Upload a Blueprint, Image or Sketch.

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