Print and Download Your Floor Plans from the App

This article describes how to save and print directly from the RoomSketcher App. 


Save and Print Your Floor Plans

Once you have drawn your project and generated a 2D and/or 3D Floor Plan, you can save your floor plans to your computer or tablet and print them. 

  1. If you haven't generated your floor plans yet, please follow these steps first: Generate 2D and 3D Floor Plans
  2. In the RoomSketcher App, click Menu (yellow button at the top left) and under Project, click 2D Floor Plans or 3D Floor Plans.


  3. The 2D or 3D Floor Plan page appears. 

    If you haven't generated your floor plan yet, please follow the steps in this article first.

  4. Click either Save to Disk or Print.

Save to Disk

Use Save to Disk to download floor plans to your computer or tablet. The steps below describe how to download individual floor plans. If you have a Pro or Team subscription, you can download all the floor plans in a project at once. To learn how, see Download All Floor Plans

  1. Click Save to Disk to download your floor plan. The Save Floor Plan page opens. 
  2. Choose the appropriate format option and paper size (see below for more information on each option) as well as Portrait or Landscape orientation. 


  3. Click Save to Disk. On a tablet, your floor plan is saved to your Photos app.
  4.  On a computer, select the desired folder in which to save the file and click Save.  


On a computer, follow these steps:

  1. On the 2D or 3D Floor Plans page, click Print
    Tip: The Print button does not appear on a tablet. See the note above.

  2. The Print page appears. Choose a format option and paper size (please see below for more information) as well as Portrait or Landscape mode. Then click Print.

  3. Your printer dialogue opens. Choose your printer (if you have more than one) or Print to PDF (if desired and available for your printer).
  4. Click OK to start printing. 

Note: To print a floor plan from your tablet, save the floor plan in your Photos app (as described above) and print it from there. 

Formats to Save and Print

You can choose between the following formats:

  • Letterhead: Standard
  • Letterhead: Keep Relative Size - available for multi-level projects; the relative size between the floor plans for each level is maintained, i.e. the level with the smallest footprint in the project will also have the smallest footprint when saved/printed.
  • Letterhead: Combined - available for multi-level projects; all levels are saved/printed in one file.
    Example: If you have a project with two floors and you choose Letterhead Combined, you will receive one page with two floor plans printed on it. 
  • Letterhead PDF: Scale (1:50)*
  • Letterhead PDF: Scale (1:100)*
  • Letterhead PDF: Scale (1:200)*
  • Letterhead PDF: ½” = 1´-0” (1:24)*
  • Letterhead PDF: ¼” = 1´-0” (1:48)*
  • Letterhead PDF: ⅛” = 1´-0” (1:96)*
  • Web Image Full Size
  • Web Image 800x600
  • Web Image 600x450
  • Web Image 400x300

*The scale options are only available in PDF format and when choosing Save to Disk. Note that the scale options are not available on tablets.


Choose a Letterhead format if you want to export a printable floor plan with optional logo, disclaimer text etc. The file format for the letterhead is PDF or jpg. When you are working on a tablet, the file format for the letterhead is image.

Read more about Letterhead options and how to set it up here


If you want to save your floor plans to a certain scale, use one of the Scale options. For example, choose Scale (1:100) if you want each meter in the project to be represented as a centimeter on the page.

Once you have saved your scaled floor plan to your computer or Mac, you can print the PDF. Please note that you need to choose Actual size in your printer options to get the correct scaling. If you do not choose this option, your printer will calculate the scaling size wrong because of the predefined page margins.

Note: If you see Invalid Paper Size as file name, then the scale you have chosen doesn't fit on the paper size. Try to use a larger paper size and/or different scale. 

Web Image

Choose a Web Image format if you want to export just the Floor Plan image, with no logo or surrounding text. The file format for the web image is JPG. 


Paper Size

The following options for paper size are available:

  • A2*
  • A3*
  • A4
  • Legal
  • Letter
  • Tabloid (Ledger)*

*These options are only available for Save to Disk.

Additionally, you can also choose your preferred paper orientation, Portrait or Landscape

Save and Print from Web Account

If you want to save and print your floor plans from your RoomSketcher Web Account in a browser, see this article: Generate and Print 2D and 3D Floor Plans from Web Account.

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