Floor Plan Report (Web Account)

Customers with a professional subscription can easily get an overview of all their projects and orders in Web Account. You can find out who’s ordering what at your company, use it for invoicing purposes, and get complete control of your floor plan production, whether you draw yourself or order from our Floor Plan Services. 

To get the Floor Plan Report

  1. Go to www.roomsketcher.com and Sign In. Your RoomSketcher Web Account opens.
  2. Click Account
  3. On the left, click Reports.


  4. Choose Year and Month
  5. Click Display. A Summary is displayed. 


    The above example shows:
    - 12 levels with 2D Floor Plans were ordered from our Floor Plan Services.
    - 1 level was drawn yourself and a 2D and 3D Floor Plan was generated for this level. 
    - 3 projects with 2D Floor Plans were ordered from our Floor Plan Services (these 3 projects had in total 12 levels).  
    - 1 project with a 2D and 3D Floor Plan was created (with a total of 1 level).
  6. Choose Download to get detailed information for your orders and projects as a .csv file, such as 
    - User (if you have more than one user, you see who ordered or created the project)
    - Customer (if you have Customer accounts, you see to which account your project is assigned to)
    - Created (day when the project was created or the order was placed)
    - Pid (the id of the project)
    - Project Name (the name of the project or order)
    - Levels (number of levels)
    - Delivery (order or DIY)
    - Furnishing (for orders: FF = Fully Furnished, FAI = Furnish as Indicated, UF = Unfurnished)
    - 3D (if a 3D Floor Plan was created or ordered)
    - Live 3D (if Live 3D is enabled for the project)

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