Take Snapshots and Create 3D Photos

RoomSketcher snapshots are a quick and easy way to preview your work as you go - simply point the camera and click to take one. Upgrade your favorite snapshots to stunning 3D Photos. Perfect for websites, presentations and sharing on social media.

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Take Snapshots

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, press the blue Camera icon , and rotate or move the camera into position.
  2. Double-click the camera or press Take Snapshot on the right-hand side. 

    snapshots Take Snapshots.jpg

    The snapshot appears in the top-right.

    snapshots The snapshots appears.jpg
Tip: Can't you see the camera? Zoom out of your project, the camera is most like placed outside of your drawing.

Adjust the Camera

There are several ways to adjust the camera.

  • A great way to adjust the camera is to use Live 3D's Camera mode, which is synced to the RoomSketcher camera. As you move around the room in Live 3D, the camera in RoomSketcher follows along. To learn more, see the section called Use Live 3D With the RoomSketcher Camera in Overview - Live 3D Floor Plans

    Camera Sync with App.jpg

  • You can also adjust the camera directly in the RoomSketcher App. With the camera selected, the Camera Properties open on the right. 

snapshots Camera Properties.jpg

You can adjust the Field of ViewPitch and Elevation (height) of the camera.
Tip: If you have just taken a snapshot, click View Camera Properties below the snapshot to open the properties.


Generate a 3D Photo

Once you have taken a snapshot, press Generate 3D Photo on the right-hand side to upgrade the image to a stunning 3D Photo. If you have a Free subscription or Premium Project, you can purchase 3D Photos using a credit card or Paypal. If you have a professional subscription, you will use RoomSketcher Credits.

Snapshots Generate 3D photo.jpg


View, Save and Print your Snapshots and 3D Photos

To see all of your snapshots and 3D Photos:

  • If you have just taken a snapshot, press View Project Media underneath the snapshot.

    Snapshots View project media.jpg

  • Click Menu (the yellow button in the top left) and under Project, click 3D Photos.


  • Click on Details...

    snapshots Click on Details.jpg

  • You can then choose between Save to Disk or Print. You also have the options to set the image as your project image, view it in 100% or delete it.

    snapshots save to disk.jpg


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