First Steps in the RoomSketcher App

Draw Exact Wall Lengths

In RoomSketcher, you can easily enter the exact length for a wall. Watch this video or follow the steps below. 

To enter exact wall lengths

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, open Walls mode and draw one or more walls.
  2. Click the Select tool.

  3. Hover over any wall to see the wall length.
    Note: Each side of a wall has a slightly different length. In this example, Side A (5.57 m) is the length of the inside wall, and Side B (5.97 m) is the length of the outside wall.

  4. To enter an exact wall length, click or tap a wall end, so that arrows appear. You can type exact lengths in the boxes to the right. Note: The length will increase or decrease on the side with the arrows.

  5. Press Enter on your keyboard or click/tap outside of the Length box. The wall adjusts to the exact length.

Note: In some cases, when you change the length of one wall, it will affect the length of adjacent walls. Our top tips:

  • Think through how changing a wall length will affect other wall lengths.
  • Start with the walls in the middle and work outward.

The smallest wall length you can enter is 4 inch/100 mm. If you need a shorter wall, we recommend to zoom in on the drawing and then adjust the wall length manually with your mouse - this will work if the wall is not connected to another wall.

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