Use Favorites for Quick Access to Your Favorite Products

You can use Favorites to set up a personal selection of your most used or favorite furniture, windows, doors, and materials. 

This article explains how to


Add and Remove Favorites

  1. Open Furniture mode and add the item to your floor plan.
  2. Click on the item to select it. The item Properties appear on the right. 
  3. Click the Heart icon so that it becomes a solid blue heart, to indicate that this is a favorite.


  4. To remove an item from favorites, select it and click the heart icon so that it becomes a heart outline

Do the same steps for windows, doors, stairs or material. 

Favorites are stored on a personal account and cannot be shared across user accounts.


View Favorites

  1. Open the mode type for your item:
    - To view Furniture favorites, open Furniture mode.
    - To view Windows, Doors, and Stairs favorites, open Windows etc mode.
    - To view Materials favorites, open Materials mode.
  2. Click the Heart at the top of the library. The favorites for that mode appear.

Edit Favorites on Your Account Page

  1. Click the yellow Menu button and under Tools, click Account.

  2. Click Edit Favorites from the menu on the left. You will now see a list of all your Favorite items. 
  3. Click Remove next to the items you want to remove.


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