Use Best Fit to Resize Items Automatically

You can use Best Fit to automatically size cabinets, wardrobes, stairs and furniture to fit in an existing space. 

Watch this short video or follow the steps below:

To Use Best Fit

  1. Place an item between two adjacent items on your floor plan – for example, between two cabinets, or between a wall and a cabinet.
  2. Click Best Fit Width or Best Fit Depth. RoomSketcher will increase or decrease the size of the item to fit between the two adjacent items.

    best fit.jpg

    In the example above, the kitchen sink is too wide for the space.
    Click Best Fit Width and the width will automatically shrink to the correct size.


  • For best results, use an item that is fairly close in size to the space it will occupy. Best Fit will not work if the distance to the closest item or wall/divider is twice the size of the item you want to resize.
  • Best fit works on items that are placed parallel to each other.


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