Create a Loft or Raised Area with Stair Access

In the RoomSketcher App, you can create stairs (or a ladder) to access a raised loft, mezzanine, or balcony. 


This article covers the following topics:

Tip: To create a floating loft (one that you can walk below), see the article: Create a Floating Loft

Create a Raised Loft

  1. Open a project in the RoomSketcher App.
  2. Open Walls mode (click or tap the red Mode button and click Walls).
  3. Draw the entire room that will contain the raised area.
  4. A room with a loft usually needs a tall wall height. To adjust yours, click the Level  button, then click Level Properties and adjust the Wall Height on the right.
  5. If needed, click the Add tab to continue drawing then click the Draw Divider Line button.

  6. Draw a divider line to mark the edge of the loft.

  7. Click the Select Walls and Lines  button, and then click inside the loft area to select it. Its Properties appears on the right.
  8. Click Advanced Properties.

  9. In Floor Height, type the height for the loft or raised area. In this example, we will use 1600 mm.
  10. You can take a snapshot to view your raised area in 3D. Here is an example (wall paint colors added to better show the loft area):


Add Stairs

  1. Open Windows etc mode (click or tap the red Mode button and click Windows etc)
  2. Open the Stairs category. For this example, we chose a straight stair.
  3. Click a stair to select it and click to place it on the lower floor area (or press and drag it into place).
    Tip: The red dot indicates the top of the stair, so if needed, rotate the stair using the curved blue arrow so that the red dot is placed at the line for the loft.

  4. With the stair selected, its Properties appear on the right. If you see the Floor to Ceiling option, clear it.
  5. In Height, type the height for the stair. This number should match the height value you set for the raised area. In the example above, our raised area was set to 1600 mm.
  6. If needed, adjust the width and length.
  7. For Type, select Above Floor.

To learn how to adjust the color and materials for your stair, see Overview - Add and Customize Stairs.


Add a Railing for the Loft (Optional)

If the raised area is high, a railing should be added for safety. If the raised area is low (only a few steps up), you may not need to add a railing.

  1. Open Walls mode. Notice that, by default, the stair does not appear in Walls mode. Click the yellow Menu button and under View, click Always Furniture. The stair appears (along with any furniture on the plan).
  2. Click the Draw Divider Line button, and then click to draw a small divider line next to the stair (to create an end point for the loft railing). Click to mark the end the small divider line, then click the Select tool to stop drawing (or press Esc on your keyboard). When you are done, the short divider line should look like this:


  3. Click the to select the long divider line which will have the railing, then on the right, click Railing.

  4. Click a railing to select it and click Apply.

View the Result

  • Click and drag the camera into position, then double-click it to take a snapshot of your new stair.
  • Instantly see your design with Live 3D.

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