Blueprint Preparation Tips

To place your floor plan order, you will need to provide us with a blueprint, sketch or image of the floor plan you would like us to draw.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to prepare your floor plan. 


Floor Plan Preparation Tips

  • You can use an existing floor plan or a hand-drawn sketch drawn on grid paper
  • Your floor plan must include at least one measurement
  • Mark room names clearly in English, German, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish
  • Make sure your floor plan has correct proportions
  • Clearly mark furniture and fixed installations
  • The uploaded document must not exceed 16MB or 15000×15000 pixels
  • The supported file types are .jpg, .pdf, .png
  • For .dwg or .dwx files – convert to a .pdf before you upload
  • If you upload a multi-page PDF, indicate which page number corresponds to which level before you upload (we don’t receive the entire pdf file, just one page per level)
  • If you don’t have a digital file or scanner, take a picture of your blueprint or sketch to upload - make sure you take the picture straight from above
  • Upload one blueprint for every floor/level in your project
  • Check that the thumbnail displayed when you upload your floor plan is the correct floor plan for that level

5 Tips on How to Draw a Blueprint by Hand

How do you draw a blueprint by hand quickly and efficiently? Follow these tips and your blueprint will be perfect:

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Symbol Guide

For best results, use our Symbol Guide

Delivery Terms

Have a look at our Delivery Terms to see what we deliver. 


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