2D Floor Plans – Display a Floor Color or Material by Room Type

Want to show all bathrooms in blue or all bedrooms in yellow? Or which rooms have hardwood floor vs carpet or tile? You can choose a material or floor color for each room type in your floor plan. Pro  and Team subscribers set these options on the 2D Floor Plans - Rooms tab, in Advanced Profile Settings, available in your RoomSketcher account on the web.

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This article describes how to:

How to Open 2D Floor Plan – Rooms Tab

To access the 2D Floor Plan - Rooms settings, you log in to your RoomSketcher Account on the web.

  1. Open Advanced Profile Settings. If you need detailed instructions, see Open Advanced Profile Settings.
  2. A series of tabs appears. Click the 2D Floor Plan - Rooms tab.


Set a Color or Material by Room Type

If you have assigned Room Types in the RoomSketcher App, then you can assign colors or materials to those room types for the next time your generate your 2D Floor Plan. This section describes how to assign a color or material to a room type. 

  1. On the 2D Floor Plan – Rooms tab, locate the Room Type that you want to set a color or material for. For example, "Balcony".
  2. To the right of the Room Type, open the Type dropdown and choose a type. 


    You have 3 options for each Room Type:
    - Default – If you choose this option, the room type will get the same default color that you chose as Floor Color in the 2D Floor Plan tab.
    - Color – This option lets you choose the color for this room type, in the Color box to the right. 
    - Material – This option let you add a material to use for this room type in the Material box to the right.
  3. If you selected Color for the type, click the Pencil to open the Color page. Type a Hex code for a color or choose a color from the dropdown.


  4. If you selected a Material for the type, click the Pencil to open the Material page. Find a material and click Select.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for any other rooms.
  6. Once you have finished assigning color to rooms, clickApply.


- Be sure to click Apply so that any choices you made are saved.
- You must have assigned room types to the rooms in your project using the RoomSketcher App. See Assign Room Types to Rooms.


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