3D Floor Plans – Change the Height of the Walls

There are 3 options to change the heights of the walls on the floor plan:

Change the Height of the Walls for One Level

You can change the height of all walls on the complete levels in Level Properties:

  1. Click the Levels button in the top toolbar and click Level Properties.

    app level properties.png

  2. Enter a Wall Height in inch or mm. 

    app wall height.jpg


Create Half-Height Walls

To create one wall that is lower than the rest of the other walls, please follow the steps of this article: 

Change the Height of the Walls on 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers can choose the height where the wall is cut on 3D Floor Plans. This option is set using Profile Settings. Please follow the steps below for setting a Wall Cut Height on your profile.  

Please note that this setting only affects the 3D Floor Plans.

How to set a Wall Cut Height for the 3D Floor Plan Profile Settings

  1. Open Advanced Profile Settings.
  2. A series of tabs appears. Click the 3D Floor Plan tab.
  3. Enter a Wall Cut Height in millimeter. 


About Wall Cut Height

  • All items placed above wall cut height are cut away from the floor plan.
  • The 3D Preview always shows all items, and doesn't reflect the wall cut height setting.
  • You must type in the wall cut height in mm.
  • If you want to include the full height of the walls, just leave this field empty.
  • On a floor plan with sloped ceiling, the wall is not cut unless the wall cut height is below the lowest point of the sloped ceiling.


3D - 3 Wall Cut Height 1300.jpg

Wall Cut Height 1300 mm


The wall cut height is set to 1.3 meters.
Notice that the kitchen wall cabinets are cut off. 


3D - 3 Wall Cut Height 1900.jpg

Wall Cut Height 1900 mm


The wall cut height is set to 1.9 meters. 
Notice that the kitchen wall cabinets are visible.


3D - 3 No Wall Cut Height.jpg

No Wall Cut Height


When no wall cut height is set, the walls don't get cut off on the rendered 3D Floor Plan.
Notice that walls go over windows and doors. 


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