Create a Shower Niche

A shower niche is a recessed shelf in a shower wall to store shampoo, soap, and other bath accessories. Here’s how to create one in RoomSketcher.

Step 1 - Add the Shower Niche

  1. In Walls mode, add an extra wall along the wall where you want the niche.

  2. Move the walls together - click the Select arrow, press the CTRL or CMD key on your keyboard (to disable snapping), and then press and drag the center of the new wall to move it.

  3. Open Windows etc. mode and search for Wall Opening.

  4. Drag the wall opening onto the front shower wall, and then change the Width, Height, and Height Above Floor to the dimensions and height of your niche.

Step 2 - Add Materials to the Niche

The following steps describe how to add materials to the shower with a contrasting tile inside the niche. To learn more about adding materials to walls, see Paint and Decorate Walls.

  1. To add the material that will appear inside the niche, in Walls mode, click the center of the further back wall to select it, and notice whether side A or side B is on the inside (in our example, it’s side B). On the right, click Material Side B to add a material to that wall. This material will be the back of the niche.

  2. To add the wall material for the overall shower (besides the niche), open Materials Mode, click the Tiles category, and drag a tile into the shower area.

    shower niche tiles.jpg

Tip: Take a snapshot to view the effect:

shower niche snapshot.jpg

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