Find my Blueprint in RoomSketcher

In RoomSketcher, you can upload a blueprint or sketch and then trace over it to create a professional floor plan. If you have previously uploaded a blueprint but now you can’t locate it, here are our top tips:

Tip 1: Open the Blueprint from the Yellow Menu

  • In RoomSketcher, open your project, click the yellow menu Roomsketcher App - Orange Hamburger Menu.jpg, and under View, click Blueprint so that it has a checkmark next to it. The blueprint should appear in the drawing pane.

Tip 2: Find the Original Project 

When you upload a blueprint to a project, it gets associated with that particular project and level. If you made a copy of either the project or the level, the blueprint will not be included in the copy. In this case:

  • If you have copied a level, click the Level button in the toolbar and open the level to which you initially uploaded the blueprint.

  • If you have copied a project, open the project to which you initially uploaded the blueprint.

Tip 3: Review the 3 Buttons in the Drawing Pane

Three buttons in the drawing pane control what you see when working with a blueprint or sketch. 

App - Blueprint - BP Modes.jpg

If you have pressed the F button (or the F key on your keyboard), you will see only the floor plan you are drawing (and you will not see the blueprint). In this case:

  • Press the B button (or the B key on your keyboard) to see just the blueprint, or press the F+B button (or the A key on your keyboard) to see All (both the blueprint and the floor plan)

About Changing or Moving a Blueprint

Once you have uploaded a blueprint, you cannot change its scale or move it to align it with an existing drawing. It is not advisable to upload a new blueprint to overwrite an old one since you can’t move it.

The blueprint feature was created to be used as a base for your design, allowing you to trace it to create your digital drawing. It wasn't created to be replaced or uploaded after the digital floor plans were complete. 

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