Add and Move Room Names

You can add names to rooms/zones, and adjust the location of the room names. 

Add Room/Zone Names

The steps below describe how to place one room name in each room. If you want to place multiple room names in one room, see Display Two or More Room Names in One Room.

  1. Open your project in the RoomSketcher App.
  2. Click the red Mode button and open Walls mode.
  3. Click a room to select it so that its Properties appear on the right. 
  4. Click Select Zone Name. Or use hotkey R.


  5. Choose your preferred name from the list.

    roomsketcher select zone name.jpg

    - The name gets added to the selected room. 
    - The name gets also added to the Zone Name field. You can still make changes in this field; for example change the name from Bathroom to Bath.  
    - A Room Type gets selected (if any). You can still assign a different room type by clicking on Room Type. 


  6. Click another room, and repeat from step 4.


  • If your preferred room name is not in the list, simply type the name into Zone Name
  • If you want to also show the size of the room, in Properties on the right, check Show Zone Size.
  • Room Types are used to define colors or materials in your 2D Floor Plans. Read more here: 2D Floor Plans - Customize Your Floor Plans

Move Room Names

  • To move a room name to a different location in the room, simply click and drag it on the floor plan. 
    Tip: If you cannot move the room name, make sure you are in Walls mode.  

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