The Tape Measure Tool

Use the Tape Measure tool when you want to place items a certain distance apart. For example, you may want a bed to be 1 meter from a wall or two chairs to be a certain distance apart. Display the Tape Measure to help you achieve exact distances.

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Display the Tape Measure

You can show or hide the Tape Measure.

To toggle the Tape Measure ON or OFF:

  • In any mode, click or tap Menu (yellow button inthe top left) press Tape Measure.


Move and Size the Tape Measure

The length of the tape measure is in sync with the measurements of your floor plan.

To move or rotate the Tape Measure:

  • Press and drag the center of the Tape Measure to move it.
  • Press and drag an end to rotate it.  
    Tip: As you rotate the Tape Measure, it snaps in place at 45 degree increments. To turn snapping ON or OFF, open the Tools menu and press Snapping.

To size the Tape Measure:

  • Press and drag the arrows at either end of the Tape Measure to size it. As you adjust the size, the length between the cross-hairs displays. 
  • Tip: To change the measurement system, press Menu and under Tools, click Meters or Feet.

Lock the Tape Measure

You can lock the Tape Measure so that it can not be accidentally moved or re-sized.

To lock or unlock the Tape Measure:

  • Press the Lock or Unlock button near the top toolbar.


Top Usage Tips

These are some of our favorite ways to use the Tape Measure.

Place an item of furniture a certain distance from a wall:

  • In Walls mode, draw your walls. Place the Tape Measure near a wall and size it to the distance the furniture should be placed away from the wall. Switch to Furniture mode and add that bed or sofa.

Place a wall a certain distance from an item of furniture:

  • In Furniture mode, place an item of furniture. Place the  Tape Measure along the edge of the furniture and adjust the Tape Measure’s length to the distance the wall should be away from the furniture. Switch to Walls mode and add the wall the correct distance away.


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