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This article describes how to adjust the Measurement Wizard Settings, to change the default distance of the arrow lines to the wall, set the precision level, and more. To learn how to add measurements to floor plans, see Add Measurements to Floor Plans. This article covers the following topics:

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Access Measurement Wizard Settings

  1. Click Menu in the top left, and then under Tools, click Settings.
  2. Click Measurement Wizard Settings. The Measurement Wizard Settings page appears. See below for a description of each setting. 

  3. When you have made any changes, click Save.
    Note: Any changes to the settings will be used by the Wizards the next time you add room or wall measurements.
  4. To return the settings to the default values, click Default.
  5. To return to the Drawing pane, click X to close the Measurement Wizard Settings box, and then click X in the top left to close the Account pane. 

Distance from the Arrow Line to Parallel Wall

  • Defines how far each arrow line is placed from its parallel wall.


Room - Distance from the Arrowhead to each Side Wall

  • Sets the distance from the arrow point to the side wall for Room Measurements.


Minimum Measure Line Length

  • You can set the shortest arrow line length that will be drawn. If, due to a wall’s length, the arrow line would be shorter than the length you set here, an arrow line will not be drawn.

Measurement Font Size

  • Sets the default font for the displayed wall length numbers.

Decimal Separator

  • Choose whether to use a period or comma for the displayed wall length numbers.

High Precision

  • ON uses 2 decimals for the length (measures to the nearest centimeter or ⅛ inch). OFF uses 1 decimal (measures to the nearest 10 cm or inch).

Render in 3D

  • If you want measurements on 3D floor plans, turn Render in 3D to ON.

Dimensions - Use Both Measuring Units

With this option OFF, Room Dimensions displays your default measurement units (Meters or Feet) only. With this option ON, it displays both measurement units, with your default measurement units first, and the secondary units below in brackets.

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