Create Custom Items With Building Blocks

Building blocks are useful furniture items that can be used to create custom furniture, wall features, cabinet features, columns, and more. You can find them in Furniture mode by searching for “building block.”

Here are some cool things to know about them:

  • Use the square block shape to create half-height walls, moldings, wainscoting, wall panels, custom built-ins, and more! You can change the dimensions of these building blocks to any basic rectangular shape you’d like. For example, they can be tall and narrow, like a square post or column, or long and thin, like a wall panel or wainscot. 
  • Use the spheres to create cabinet knobs and other circular or oval items. 
  • Use the cylinder shapes to create more advanced forms and finishes for columns and pipes (than those in the Furniture mode library.)
  • Building blocks are available in multiple finishes, such as wood, stone, glass, wallpaper, paint, and metal.
  • With a paid plan, you can use the Replace Materials feature to change the color or material of a building block.

How to Locate Building Blocks

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, click the red Mode button and open Furniture Mode.
  2. Click Search Icon - Search.jpg and type Building Block. The building block selection appears. Note that some shapes, such as spheres and cylinders, are only available for Pro and Team subscribers.
    Building Blocks.jpg

  3. Click to select a building block and click to place it on your floor plan (or drag it onto the plan).

How to Change the Size or Color of a Building Block

  1. With the building block selected, check out its Properties on the right.
  2. You can adjust the Length, Width, Height, and Height Above Floor
  3. With a paid plan, you can use Replace Materials to change the material or color on the building block. Learn more here: Replace Materials on Furniture and Fixtures

Building Block Inspiration

In this image, the staircase, the three vases, the half height wall, wall niche and the columns on the right were created with building blocks.

Building Block Inspiration - Stairs, Vases, Columns.jpg

Here are some examples of features you can create with building blocks. 

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