Replace Materials on Furniture and Fixtures

Create beautiful interiors by customizing the colors and materials in your designs using Replace Materials. Best of all, as you replace materials in RoomSketcher, you can instantly see the changes right inside the room, using Live 3D.

The Replace Materials feature is available for all users with a paid plan.

This article covers how to:

You can also watch this video to learn about the feature:

Replace Materials on Furniture

You can replace materials on Furniture, Appliances, Rugs, Pillows, Accessories and more in Furniture mode.

  1. Create a project in the RoomSketcher App.
  2. Open Furniture mode. Look for items with the rainbow circle icon.


  3. Add an item to your project.
  4. Click to select the item. Its Properties open on the right.

    02_Replace Materials choices.jpg

  5. Under Replace Materials, you’ll see the elements that can be changed. Click an element. The Select Material window opens.
  6. Click to select a material or color. You can also click the paint palette button mceclip0.png to choose a custom color.

    Materials changes in Live 3D 2.jpg

    Tip: To see the changes in the room instantly, start Live 3D, open Camera mode, and place the Live 3D window next to the RoomSketcher App. In the RoomSketcher App, point the camera towards the item you are changing. Then as you click various materials and colors, you can see the change in Live 3D. Learn more about Live 3D here
  7. When you’ve found the perfect material or color, click Apply.

Replace Materials on Windows, Doors, and Stairs

You can replace materials on windows, doors, and stairs.

  1. Open Windows etc. mode. Look for windows, doors, or stairs with the rainbow circle icon next to them.
  2. Add an item to your project.
  3. Click to select the item. Its Properties open on the right.


  4. Follow steps 5-7 from the section above.

Replace Materials on Kitchen Items

If you want to replace all the materials in the kitchen at once (for example, to set one color for all counters and one color for all cabinets), use the steps below. To replace materials on individual kitchen items, use the steps above under Replace Materials on Furniture above.

To Replace Materials on all countertops or cabinets at once:

  1. Open a project in the RoomSketcher App and design the kitchen.
  2. Click the yellow menu and under Level, click Properties.


  3. On the right, click either Kitchen Top for Level (for kitchen countertops) or Kitchen Front for Level (for kitchen cabinets).


  4. Choose a color or material and click Apply.

Use a Hex or RGB Code

In general, whenever the Select Material page is open, click the Paint Palette symbol to access the Custom Color palette. Type the Hex code or RGB code and then click Apply.


View Replace Materials Changes

When you have used Replace Materials for an item, it will change to greyscale in the RoomSketcher drawing pane. To see the effects of changing materials on an item, you can:

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