Add Labels on Furniture

Typically, a label on an item of furniture is just one or two letters. If you want to add a longer text label somewhere on a floor plan, see Add a Text Label.

To add a label to a furniture item

  1. Open Furniture mode (click the red Mode button and then click Furniture).
  2. Click the furniture item in your floor plan to select it. Its Properties appear on the right.
  3. Type the label into the Label field.

  4. It’s a good idea to preview the 2D Floor Plan to see the label. See Preview a Floor Plan
  5. When you are ready, Generate a 2D or 3D Floor Plan.

If you want to Render Product Labels on 2D Floor Plans, but not in 3D Floor Plans, Pro subscribers can set this up in their 3D Floor Plan settings.


To learn more about adding annotations to your design, please view the video below:



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