First Steps in the RoomSketcher App

Add Windows to Your Project

In the RoomSketcher App, it’s easy to visualize and choose the perfect windows for your project. This article covers the following topics:


Windows Terminology

RoomSketcher includes many popular types of windows, with or without muntins (dividers which hold separate panes of glass), including:

Casement Windows

A casement window is a type that is attached to a frame by hinges.

casement windows.jpg

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have vertical sliding sashes that go up and down.

double-hung windows.jpg

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have sections that can slide open horizontally.

sliding windows.jpg

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are fixed in place. In the examples below, notice the sloping window and the arched window. RoomSketcher also includes round and diamond shapes.

fixed windows.jpg


Find and Add Windows

  1. In the RoomSketcher App, click the red Mode button and open Windows etc. mode.
  2. Open the Windows category. The Windows library appears.
  3. You can browse the Windows library, or, to narrow your search: Click the Magnifying glass and type any of the window types above (such as Casement, Fixed, or Sliding), or type a shape (such as Round, Sloping, Diamond, or Arch).

  4. To see a window’s default size, hover over it in the library. Tip: You can change the Window size after you place it on a wall. For best results, pick a window close in size to your desired window.
  5. Click or tap a window to select it, and click a wall to place a window. Press and drag to move it along the wall.
  6. A grey handle marker indicates the inside of the window. Use Flip Window on the right to change the side the handle marker is on.


Customize Height, Width, and Height Above Floor

You can customize a window once you have placed it on a wall.

  1. With the window selected, its Properties appear on the right.

  2. You can change the Width and Height by typing an exact size, and specify its Height Above Floor.
    Tip: You can also change the window width by dragging the large blue arrows next to the window.

Add Paint and Other Material

If you have a Premium Project or one of our professional subscriptions, you can change the materials on the handle, frame, and trim.  

  1. Click a window that you have placed into a wall so that its Properties appear on the right.
  2. Under Replace Materials, you can see the customizable parts of that window. 
    Note: The list may change, depending on the selected window. For example, some windows do not have a handle.

  3. To customize, click one of the parts of the window. The Select Material page appears.

  4. You can:
    -  Use the scroll bar to browse suggested materials, or 
    -  In Search, type a word, such as “Wood”, “Paint” or “Metal”, to narrow your selection.
    To use a custom color:
    - Click the Paint Palette.

    - Type a hex or RGB color code, or click the color wheel to select a color.

  5. Once you have chosen a material, click Apply to close the Select Material page.

View Windows in a Project

To see how your choices look, click and drag the camera to point it towards the inside or outside of your window, then take a snapshot.


Copy, Move and Delete Windows

  • Copy: Click a window to select it, and click the Copy button  in the top toolbar. Then click a wall and click the Paste button .
  • Move: You can press and drag a window to move it.
  • Delete: Click the trash bin  to delete it.

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