Create an Electrical Plan

An electrical plan is a detailed technical drawing that gives you a clear visual of the electrical points in a building.


With RoomSketcher you can create your own electrical plans, showing the position of all key components such as switches, outlets and lights as well as other essential fixtures like air conditioning or fans. It also includes all elements of an usual floor plan, i.e. walls, windows, doors and stairs and, optionally, general fixed installation. 

All electrical symbols are only visible on 2D Floor Plans. They are part of our full product library, available for Pro and Team customers. 

This article explains how you can create your electrical floor plan with RoomSketcher. Just follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Draw Your Floor Plan

  1. Create a new project in the RoomSketcher App.
    • Click the plus_new_project_app.jpg Plus icon in the top menu. 
    • Choose Blank Project
  2. Draw up walls, insert windows, doors and stairs
  3. (Optional) Add fixed installations, such as utility sinks, bathroom or kitchen furniture.

Step 2: Add Electrical Symbols

  1. Open Furniture mode, then click category Electrical Plans.
    • If you don't see the Electrical Plans category, make sure to update your App

      electrical plans.jpg

  2. Choose from over 70 products and drag & drop your preferred symbol to your floor plan.

    El 1.png

Find Electrical Symbols

RoomSketcher's electrical plan library consists of over 70 items, ranging from switches, outlets, wires, lamps, fans, symbols for smoke detectors, fire alarm units, and much more. Here is some help to find exactly the item you are looking for. 

A good way to locate items is by searching for them.

  1. Click the search.jpg Search icon in the top right corner.
  2. Type the name of an item to display all items of that type, for example "light symbol".

    el - search light symbol.png

Here are some useful search terms:

  • light symbol
  • switch
  • outlet
  • wire
  • fan symbol
  • security symbol 

Tip: Favorites!

Add your favorite electrical symbols to your Favorites, for easy and quick access. To learn how, see Use Favorites for Quick Access.


Step 3: Add Annotations

It could be a good idea to add labels and notes for further clarification. In RoomSketcher, you can easily add annotations, symbols, lines, arrows, and labels to create a clear and detailed plan.

  1. Go to Windows etc. mode.
  2. Open the Symbols, Text & Lines category, or click Search and type Helpers.
  3. Choose your preferred helper, and drag & drop it into your floor plan. In this example we used a Text element. 

    el - annotation.png

To learn more about how to add annotations and symbols, visit: Add Helper Symbols to Your Project

Step 4: Generate and Print Your Floor Plan

  1. Click Menu (yellow button at the top left) and then click 2D Floor Plans.
  2. Click the yellow button Generate 2D Floor Plan
  3. When your floor plan is generated, click either Save to Disk to download or Print to print your floor plan.  

Top Tip: Change the Color of the Symbols

All electrical symbols come with a standard black color. In addition, most symbols have an equivalent in a red, blue or yellow color. You can choose if you want to use the colored symbols, or only black ones, or have a mix of colors. 

You can even change the color for all symbols that are purely black. These black symbols follow your profile color for furniture outline. So if you want your own color for the electrical symbols, you can change the settings for the Furniture Outline Color


Electrical Plan For Apartment Purple - 2D Floor Plan.jpg Electrical Plan For Living Room Teal - 2D Floor Plan.jpg
Electrical Plan For Apartment Blue - 2D Floor Plan.jpg    Electrical Plan For Bedroom Green - Floor Plan - 2D Floor Plan.jpg


To change the Furniture Outline Color

  1. In your RoomSketcher Account on the web, open Account Profile Settings.
  2. Click the 2D Floor Plans tab.
  3. Click the pencil next to Furniture Outline Color and choose your desired color. 
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Back in the RoomSketcher App, generate your 2D Floor Plan to see the electrical symbols in your chosen color. 



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