How to Order Floor Plans

To order floor plans, simply upload a blueprint or sketch, and RoomSketcher illustrators will draw the floor plan for you in 24 hours or less (for orders placed during weekdays). You'll receive floor plans and a RoomSketcher project. Ordered floor plans are a great way to kick-start an interior design and home improvement project, or to deliver a professional, finished floor plan.

Who Can Order Floor Plans?

Anyone can order a floor plan from RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services. How you purchase them depends on your subscription:

  • Pro and Team subscribers can order floor plans using their account Credits.
  • Everyone else orders floor plans using a credit card, PayPal or any other available payment method (depending on location and currency).

What is Included?

To learn about all details on what can and cannot be achieved, please have a look at our Delivery Terms.

This article covers the following topics:

Watch this video or follow the steps below.


Start an Order

  1. Go to and Sign In. Your RoomSketcher Web Account opens.
  2. On the Home tab, click Order Floor Plans in the Notification and Tasks box. 
    Or click New Project on the right and then Order Floor Plans.


  3. The Order Details page opens. Use the Project Name field to identify your order - type the project name or address.


    Note: If you have several customer accounts, you can choose your customer in this step. A drop-down menu is displayed under Outside Measurements
  4. Choose the number of Levels (floors) for the project.
  5. For Furnishing, you can choose:
    - Fully Furnished – the floor plan is furnished based on room names provided, e.g. beds in bedrooms, sofa in living room, bathroom fixtures in bathroom, etc.
    - Furnished As Indicated – the floor plan includes furniture and fixed installations drawn on the blueprint. Kitchen and bathroom items are only included if these are indicated on the blueprint.
    - Unfurnished – Includes doors, windows, and stairs, as well as kitchen and bathroom items when these are indicated on the blueprint. No other furniture is included
  6. Check Outside Measurements if you would like outside wall measurements printed on your 2D Floor Plans.
    Note: Pro and Team subscribers can add advanced measurements (such as inside wall lengths or room dimensions) after they have received their order back. See more here: Overview - Measurements on Floor Plans
  7. Click Next. The Blueprints tab opens.

Review Blueprint Tips

Before you upload one or more blueprints, please review our Preparation Tips and Blueprint Symbol Guide.


Upload Blueprint(s)

Once you have the blueprint on your computer, you are ready to upload it.

  1. On the Blueprints tab, type a Level Name (for example, Floor 1), or use the default.


  2. If you are uploading a multi-page PDF, type the page number for this level’s blueprint. (If your PDF just has a single page, you can leave this field blank.)
    Tip: Customers with a Team subscription can leave a comment on each ordered level. 
  3. Click Upload Blueprint.
  4. Navigate to and select the blueprint and click Open.
  5. When you see your blueprint has uploaded, click Next. The Order Summary tab opens.

Choose Order Options

On the Order Summary tab, review order options and the cost of each. Pro and Team subscribers get flexible order options and can choose if they want to include: 

  • Share Live 3D Floor Plans - allows you to share Live 3D links with your clients, friends or family.
  • 3D Floor Plans – Pro and Team subscribers can uncheck this option to not include generated 3D Floor Plans with the project. 

Note: RoomSketcher Pro and Team subscribers receive volume discounts and their cost appears in Credits. For other users, the cost appears in currency and can be purchased using a credit card, PayPal or any other supported payment method (depending on customer's location).


Place Order

  1. Once you have reviewed the order, click Place Order.
  2. The order confirmation appears. Your order has been placed and you will receive an email when the order is complete.


  3. Click Go to My Account at the bottom of the page.


Check Order Status

  1. In your RoomSketcher Web Account, you can see your open orders on the Home page in the Notifications and Tasks box.


  2. Click an open order. The Account page opens with the Open Orders status in the middle.


  • The cog-wheel symbol (shown above) means that the illustrator is drawing your project.
  • The exclamation symbol means that there is something wrong with your blueprint. Click the project name to see comments.
  • You can see completed orders by clicking the Projects tab at the top of the page.

Review Your Floor Plans

You will receive an email when your order is complete.

  1. Click the Download Floor Plans link in the email. The Project Dashboard opens in your RoomSketcher Web Account.
  2. From here you can:

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