I Have Accidentally Copied a Project

You can't undo a copied project, but if you have copied a project by mistake, you can change its name, clear the workspace, and start a new project.

To change a project name

  1. Click or tap the yellow Menu button and then click Properties.


  2. Click the Properties button on the right. The Edit Project Properties page appears.
  3. Type a new Project Name and click OK.
  4. Use the X to in the top left to close the Properties.

  5. Click Save in the top toolbar to save the project name (do not click Make a Copy).

To clear the work space for a new project

  1. One way to clear the work space is to create a new blank level, and then delete the level that had the copied project.
  2. Click Level in  the top toolbar and then click New Level.
  3. The New Level page appears. Click Start from Scratch.

  4. A new blank level appears in the work space.
  5. To delete the level containing the copied project, click the yellow Menu button and then under Project, click Properties.


  6. Click Levels.

  7. Click Delete to the right of the level with the floor plan drawn in it.

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