What Can I Do with a Free Subscription?

With a RoomSketcher Free subscription, you can draw room layouts in feet or meters, then furnish and decorate them with thousands of products and materials. You can also visualize your design in low-res 3D, by taking snapshots of the interior.

Signing up for a RoomSketcher Free subscription is easy – you need an email address or you can sign in with Facebook or Apple. Signing up requires no credit card.

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A project drawn in the RoomSketcher App with a Free subscription


What's included in a Free subscription?

The goal of the Free subscription is to allow you to try out the basic features to see how well the app works for you. We hope you love it!

Here's what's included and what you can do:

My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_Snapshot_03.jpg My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_Snapshot_04.jpg My First Project - Article Free subscription - Snapshot 01.jpg My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_Snapshot_02.jpg

Snapshots taken with a Free subscription


What's not included in a Free subscription?

As we mentioned, the goal of the Free subscription is to give you an opportunity to try out the basic features. Here are some examples of features that are not included in a Free subscription, and instead are available when you upgrade (see the next section to learn how):


Upgrade for more powerful features

RoomSketcher is packed with awesome features for both professional and personal users. To get access to them, you have three options:

1) Pay as you go
You can purchase 2D and 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos, and extra projects individually by paying in-app using a credit card, Amazon Pay or PayPal.

My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_3DPhoto_03.jpg My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_3D_Photo_04.jpg My First Project - Article Free subscription - 3D Photo Bed.jpg My_First_Project_-_Article_Free_subscription_-_3DPhoto_02.jpg

Snapshots upgraded to high-quality 3D Photos


2) Upgrade one project to a Premium Project
Get Live 3D, 2D Floor Plans and Replace Materials for one project for one year.

Learn more here


Live 3D


3) Choose a professional subscription
Our professional subscriptions include an account pre-filled with Credits. Use Credits to create projects and to generate 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos and 360 Views.

Learn more about our subscriptions 

My_First_Project_-_Level_1_-_2D_Floor_Plan.jpg My_First_Project_-_Level_1_-_3D_Floor_Plan.jpg

High-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans


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