How Can I Change My Payment Method?

Below are the steps to change your payment method - for example add another credit card, switch to PayPal or Amazon Pay. The steps are valid for all customers with a recurring subscription.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Account in the upper menu.
  3. Click Update Subscription on the left side. 
  4. Click Update Payment Method on the right side. A new browser tab opens. 
  5. Click Add Payment Method to add a new one, for example a credit or debit card, a PayPal or Amazon Pay account (the payment options depend on your location and currency). 
  6. Click Manage if you want to remove or change the default payment method.


If you have a Team subscription, only Admin users can change the payment method

These steps are for customers with a recurring Pro or Team subscription. If you are on one of our legacy subscriptions Pro S, M, L or VIP, then your subscription won't auto-renew and we haven't saved any payment method information. 

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