What Are Credits?

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What are Credits?

Credits are RoomSketcher's virtual currency for Pro and Team subscribers. Use Credits to purchase what you want, when you want.

Credits are used, i.e., deducted from your account total, when you create projects, generate products such as 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos, 360 Views, or order floor plans.

Credit Price List

Product Credits
Order Floor Plan - 2D (per level) 9
Order Floor Plan - 2D + 3D (per level) 10
DIY project, incl. 2D Floor Plans 1
3D Floor Plans 1
3D Photo 1
360 View 5
Share Live 3D (for 1 year) 6

The Credit cost for a 3D Floor Plan, 3D Photo, and 360 View is deducted each time they are generated. 

Monthly Credits

When you buy a Pro subscription, you receive 5 monthly Credits. Team subscribers start with 20 monthly Credits. These Credits are replenished on the first of each month based on usage. 


Lisa signed up for a Pro subscription on August 1st. She received 5 Credits. During August, she generated three 3D Photos. One 3D Photo costs 1 Credit. At the end of the month, she had 2 Credits left. On September 1st, her account was filled with 3 Credits. 


Need More Credits?

If you need additional Credits, you can buy Credit Refills. Sign in to your Web Account and click "Buy Credits" on the right side. You can choose from five different Credit Refill packages. The more you buy, the more you save.

These Credits remain valid as long as your subscription is active. 


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